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Wholesale Multi Closet Clothes Bags Garment Protectors Factory Price

Multi Closet Clothes Bags Garment Protectors

Designed to protect your clothes from dust, damp, mildew and insect. It is made of durable materials, also waterproof, lightweight and washable. Moreover, the garment protector make it easy to take out the clothes and pull up. Perfect for long-term storage of dress, coat or other garments.


Wholesale Clothes Bags Garment Bags

Each bag completely covers clothing, making them great for travel by plane, bus, car or train. The material helps protect clothing from most environmental conditions, but is still thin enough for bags to be stacked or folded.


Closet Garment Protectors Factory

These premium quality Closet Garment Protectors provide superior protection. The storage bags and covers protect clothing from clothes moths, dust, and light. They help prevent yellowing and fabric deterioration by providing archival storage.


Multi Garment Bag Price

Ideal for storing multiple garments. They're especially effective for storing clothes made from natural fibers, fur or leather, thanks to the breathable fabric. Designed to our superior standards, these bags wear better and are stitched more securely than the normal version you see elsewhere.


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